The Bread Files

It’s a small step from making wine to making bread! Just like wine, it’s all about quality ingredients and fermentation. The learning curve is steep. The satisfaction from baking your own loaf, breaking bread with friends and family is one of life’s simple pleasures.

I’ve been hooked on making my own bread since my first, kinda average, loaf made it out of the oven back in October 2013.

Check out my Bread Making field notes here.

The Bread Maker’s learning curve is steep! The loaf on the left is one of my first rock hard attempts. The beauties on the right were made just 10 months (& 100kg of flour) later. I’m proud to say I’ve bought just two loaves of bread in all that time!


Hover over photo for full description. Click on pic to enlarge the delicious Filthy Good Bread!

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