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Wine Tips: Filthy Good Vino’s Best Technique for Cleaning Wine Glasses

26 Jul

Filthy Good Vino Glass Cleaner

Just got a couple of these to help me clean my wine glasses!

“Stop the Wine-ocide” Kaani 2012 – My Deep Dark Secret + a Wine Tip

12 Jul

kaani 2012 Stop the Wine-ocide Feature Image Filthy Good Vino

I can keep my Deep, Dark Secret No Longer. I’ve Witnessed and Particpated in the Murder of TOO much Filthy Good Vino!


Yep, I regularly open more than one bottle of sensational wine at a time.  Let’s face it who’s happy with less than 3 glasses of different Filth AKA Wine in front of them.  End result left overs!  By the next day, when my mouth’s as dry as a Cocky’s Cage and I’m looking for something to pour on my Weaties, the vino that was an absolute PLEASURE FESTA the night before is just a shadow of its former self.  No longer the vibrant, beautiful, creature that had passed my lips only hours earlier, but, sad, tired, withered up and DEAD! Murdered by evil oxygen.

After a few too many bottles of Filthy Good Vino going to waste, I had a revelation. I was responsible for the MURDER of the ones I loved.  Some of you might say I’m a bit soft and just need to add a spoonful of concrete to the mix, keep on training … pass me that waiter’s friend please… harden up and finish the bottle(s) on the night.

In my defence I offer the following:

    1. Those of you that have shared a glass, plate and table with me will know, I’m half Chinese, scored the Asian vino-genes, and, with them a genetic inability to quickly process the bi-products of metabolising alcohol.  Just watch as I go bright red at the sound of a cork popping!
    2. Some times, on school nights, the Mrs and I just feel like a glass each and not a whole bottle.

I have a solution! It’s not some crazy wine preserving system with a vacuum or pressurised Argon to “remove” or “replace” the air in the bottle. Best thing is, it’s free and you’ve probably got all the kit you need floating around your home.  Check out the video above. After you’ve watched it, if you feel like donating to “Kaani 2012” to help me drink more Filthy Good Vino and stop the insanity, get in touch or drop around with a tube of Filth.

I’ve been meaning to share this for some time.  A recent post by La Donna Del Vino inspired me to take action. Check out La Donna Del Vino’s Blog Post “In the Face of a Deluge of Red Wine” for some other solutions to this horrific crime!

kaani 2012 Stop the Wine-ocide Feature Image Filthy Good Vino

Opening a Bottle of Wine Tip 1: “Use a Power Drill, It’s Just Easier”

26 Apr

Drill Bottle Opener

A great mate of mine, Adrian, also a past winemaker, visited a couple of months back. As is the norm when a couple of ex-winemakers get together, the Filthy Good Vino comes out of the cellar.

On this occasion we failed to deliver on one of the basics … we could not get the first bottle, let alone the sixth open. It’s not like we were not qualified with 30 years of winemaking between us and we certainly were not drunk … yet.  We tried every corkscrew I possess. Somehow we managed to break a waiters friend, we even tried two at once!

So, if all else fails, I say, get industrial and pull out your Power Drill. That did the trick, although we did have to strain the wine through a fine sieve afterwards 😉 Ironically the wine was knackered anyway.

Top Tips for opening a bottle of vino with a Power Drill:

  1. Don’t! But, if you choose to at your own risk, then …
  2. Drill a guide hole with a small drill bit first.
  3. Use as a big a drill bit as you dare, make sure you’re not going to hit the glass.
  4. Drill in as far as you dare without going all the way through, then suck out the cork dust with a vacuum or wash it out with water. Reduces the amount of cork sawdust in the vino.
  5. Decant the wine through a tea strainer to get as many of the gritty bits out as you can.

How to Open a Bottle of Wine with a Power Drill 1

How to Open a Bottle of Wine with a Power Drill 2

How to Open a Bottle of Wine with a Power Drill 3

How to Open a Bottle of Wine with a Power Drill 4