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They say the Wine Lovers will be Condemned

9 Jul

Omar Kayyam Wine Quote. Picture by Paul Kaan

 Omar Kayyam Wine Quote. Picture by Paul Kaan

They say that wine lovers and Love will be condemned,
There are no proven truths, but obvious lies,
If wine lovers and Love are condemned,
empty must be the Paradise.

Author: Omar Khayyám (1048–1131), Persian poet, astronomer, philosopher and mathematician. His most famous poetic work and a classic is Rubaiyat, where he was already writing about Wine in the XI century, he developed through a complete philosophy of life. The wine inspired all his verses as a way to forget that we are passing through this world and have more fun while, always surrounded by the sensuality and eroticism.

Image taken at Placer Ego “Vinos, Jazz y Respeto” Calle Molino, 26, Ronda Spain. Thanks to Fernando Angulo for his time and sharing his Spanish wine wisdom.

Fernando knows his Filthy Good Vino and Jazz. Check out his decks and ask for his recommendation of what’s Filthy Good in Spain.

Fernando Angulo of Place r Ego Ronda Spain with Paul Kaan and Adam Rozencwajg 2013