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Thrift form Nose to Tail – The Economics of Pig Farming

3 Apr

Harvest Day

This inspiring sharing of a relationship of respect between a man and his pigs offers great insights into the rearing of a pig by a small holder of land.

This respect, values, and uses, every part of the animal from Nose to Tail to create gastronomic delights to share with friends and family.

The film, goes so much further, exploring how the advent of refrigeration, legal tender and supermarkets has changed the economic equation, and, impacted the bonds of trust within our communities, the depth of relationships, not only between humans, but, also the animals that provide the nourishment for our existence.

The film starts with the disclaimer:

“Please Note: Some may find disagreeable select images contained herein that pertain to the process of alchemy by which and animal is turned into food.”

 I encourage you to take the time to watch this film and share it with adult and children alike. Some may view certain images in the film and see them as barbaric, I see them as beautiful, respectful and an important insight into where your bacon, Sunday roast and pate and so much more come from!

Anthony Kumick @GreenvaleFarm  http://www.greenvale-homestead.com.au shared these beautiful films on Twitter.  I have had the great pleasure of devouring, delicious, tender, incredibly flavoured, cuts of Pork from Anthony’s, beautiful, organic, free range pigs reared with respect and love.

If you’re into butchery, check out the second video “Side Butchery” that demonstrates the art of breaking down a side of pork into useful, tasty cuts.

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