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I GOT WOOD! Prepping French Oak for the Bathtub Cabernet!

20 Mar

Preparing New French Oak Barrels by Tresna Lee Vintage 2015

Fermentation is winding down & it’s time to get our oak barrels ready to fill. There’s nothing quite like the smell of a new French oak barrel. We’ll be running about a third of our wine to barrel for barrel fermentation. The barrel fermentation should give us some opulence and juiciness. We’ll combine the other ferments to give them a bit of post fermentation maceration. It’s all about layering different flavours and refining the texture / mouthfeel of the wine. I’ll explain everything in detail in my next post.

Prepping new oak for the Filthy Good Vino Bathtub Winemaking Project! Necking a mag of 2007 Vietti Perbacco to give us energy!

Nothing like smelling new oak barrels!

Barrel Ferment ticking away nicely! Through the Eye of the Barrel!

Barrel Ferment ticking away nicely! Through the Eye of the Barrel by Paul Kaan

1995 Chateau Beauregard, Pomerol Notes on: #FilthyGoodVino…

17 Jul

1995 Chateau Beauregard, Pomerol Notes on: #FilthyGoodVino...

1995 Chateau Beauregard, Pomerol Notes on: #FilthyGoodVino #FilthyOldVino Refined texture & structure. Drank half, stuck the other half in a half bottle overnight. Came together on day 2 after a breath of air. Fruit built, balancing the funk. Nuanced, elegant, delicious. Yumminess factor high! Bordeaux at it’s best. 75% Merlot 25% Cabernet Franc. Want more? Check out https://filthygoodvino.com Sharing wine experiences that make your heart race! Notes on the tasty beverages passing my lips, tips & tricks to help you get the most from your Filthy Good Vino, stories of vino love and more. #wine #Bordeaux #Pommerol #Merlot #1995

Vietti Rocks Out with their Perbacco AGAIN – Awesome Langhe Nebbiolo .. Filthy Good Vino

10 Nov


Yumminess Factor = OH YES! Lamb Chops = 2 very succulent ones.

Knocked back this 2006 Neb with a home made hamburger with the lot (more Heston than Macca’s). It’s a stunner, the wine that is.  Vietti is one of the great wine producers of the world. Their Barolo’s are incredible.

I had the great fortune of experiencing the hospitality of the Currado family and visiting the Vietti winery in 2005. It’s an incredible structure incorporating an old Fort on the top of Castiglione Falletto.  They’ve filled in the escape tunnel that lead to the distant fields and was used in the event of a siege. Although the winery has been modernised all that has been ancient has been respected and the slit windows for archers still remain.

Check out the old v new in the pic’s below.  Big old school oak, the traditional vessel for maturing Barolo, with new small wood in the old and new building.  The incredible hills of Barolo are a spectacular site.


Vietti’s been a favourite of mine for a long time. Back in 2003 at the Australian Wine Institute’s Advanced Wine Assesment Course (AWAC), both the Perbacco, Vietti’s basic Nebbiolo and their Rocche, an awesome single vineyard Barolo were included in a line up of a dozen Neb’s.  Both were great wines.  In the blind tasting I scored the Perbacco 17.5 and the Rocche 18.5 of 20 along with Tim White and Peter Godden, other than a couple of Bronze medals, we were the only ones in a room of 30 winemakers and wine pro’s to rate the Rocche giving it a gold medal.  Boy did it deserve it and perhaps more, the wine had an incredible core of fruit, amazing layered, spicey, earthy, yummy complexity and a hardcore texture of amazing tannin with incredible length. A 3 Lambchop wine to be sure. I think we were at about wine 100 for the day but there was no way I was spitting the Rocche or the Perbacco for that matter.

These are wines of real character.  They’re wines that it took me a while to find and understand, they’re so different from most Aussie wines. The flavours and textures are unique, less primary fruit, more secondary characters … often described as Burgundy’s big brother on Steroids. If you get a chance grab a Perbacco and drink it over 3 or 4 days with something delicious.  For new comers to the variety, the wines can be hard to get your head around, the AWAC scores illustrates how hard. When it clicks and you get it, boy you’ll been onto something great.  If you don’t get it the first time go back for a second and drink it with someone who can help explain it … hell give me a bell, if Vietti is on the table I’ll be there. Remember these are food wines … maybe a decent burger? For about $50 the Perbacco is great value.  The Rocche at around $200+ if you can find and then give some one your first born for a bottle or two is well worth it.

I’ve got just one bottle of Vietti’s top wine the Riserva Villero from 1996 … when to open it is the tough question!  I’m not being a wanker, but the day I knock this one back it’s going to have to be with someone very special and some awesome tucker maybe a 1kg T-Bone!



1997 Yering Station Reserve Chardonnay, Filthy Good Vino with beautiful casseroled veal from Brenta’s

10 Oct

1997 Yering Station Reserve Chardonnay, Filthy Good Vino with beautiful casseroled veal from Brenta's


1997 Reserve Chardonnay’s peaked starting to fall away. Had a ’99 Reserve Chardonnay a few months ago. Big difference to 99 Reserve Chardonnay which is still fresh as a daisy and gets a yes to #yumminess and #1lambchop. Great length, acidity and texture.

Sharing a plate and glass with the beautiful Maree tonight!

Food Porn @ Mercer’s + more #filthygoodvino!

2 Jul


Another awesome feed for Mum’s B’day @ Mercer’s.  Garfish stuffed with prawns to start, beuatifully crispy batter. Loved the Egg’s, Milk & Bread dessert. 5 in 1 How could you go wrong. Creme Brulee, Mini Soufle, Strawberry Bavois, Chocolate Bread all topped of with a lime and coconut milkshake.  More Filthy Good Vino, Roagna 2004 Barolo and Josmeyer Pinot Gris. Yuminess factor high!