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DARIO IS COMING! I’m celebrating with a 1kg T-Bone for Dinner! Food for the soul – Just Drooled on the Keyboard!

21 Oct


If you want a Bistecca Fiorentina (otherwise known as a T-Bone) experience, be warned you my cry tears of joy, and you happen to be in Panzano, Tuscany, Italy, Dario Cecchini is your man.

Dario is coming for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival this year. So everyone has a chance to experience meat perfection.  I’m starting celebrations early and kicking off with a 1kg Bistecca Fiorentina for dinner tonight.


The man loves meat, loves and respects the animals it comes from.

OK … Apologies in advance for waxing lyrical … but … A visit to Dario’s butchers shop is an experience to pleasure all your senses. There is nothing better than being greeted with a glass of vino and something sensational from a cow to munch on!

Check out the memorial to the T-Bone that rests on the wall of his Macelleria, it translates roughly to I’d rather die than be invalidated (have the bone removed) and was erected during the Mad Cows Disease heyday. The other pic was the remains of a 1kg Bistecca Fiorentina consumed at La Fontina in Florence with Porcini shrooms … I just drooled on the keyboard!!

… and the VERY HAPPY end results of todays beef celebrations … One AWESOME rare to blue T-Bone, broad beans with lemon zest, a splash of juice, salt, pepper, Grana Padano & a glug of oil. All washed down with an Aglianico from Pipoli – Juicy fresh fruit, great balance with acid and some crazy but yummy tannin (for a bit over a $10er from Bocaccio Cellars) sensational steak vino.