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Test Driving the Durand Corkscrew for Dodgy Corks in Old Bottles

6 Apr

The Durand Corkscrew Test Drive by Paul Kaan

Opening old bottles of wine with dodgy corks can be a challenge even for the most experienced wine hound. Good hardware can make a big difference. The Durand combines the Ah-So, prong opener, with the screw of a waiter’s friend. Check out the video review below. It’s not cheap, if you have a lot of old wine under cork it’ll make your life a bit easier.

Alternatively you can go the Power Drill or Coat Hanger (end of post) method of opening your bottles.

*I have no affiliation with Durand and paid in full for the corkscrew.

Waiter’s friend (top), Ah-So (middle) & Durand (bottom) with 1979 Laira Cabernet Malbec.

Three Corkscrews Waiters Friend Ah-So  Durand by Paul Kaan of Filthy Good Vino

The ultimate Filthy Good Vino cork challenge! Mould, 1000 Pieces & Wine Diamonds!

19 Jul

Wine Diamonds the Reward from the Filthy Good Vino Cork Challenge by Paul Kaan

Part 1. Something gives me a sneaking suspicion that this might be a tough one. The skank under the capsule is a bit of a worry. Friday’s #FilthyGoodVino challenge accepted.  The capsule is off, revealing some unwanted friends.

FILTHY GOOD VINO TIP: Always clean the nasty bits of a cork before opening the bottle to avoid contaminating the wine!

Part 2. The magic eight ball says “Outcome uncertain, check again later” I will not be deterred! Victory is mine, with wine diamonds!

FILTHY GOOD VINO TIP: Keeping a bottle of wine as flat as possible while opening helps avoid disturbing any crap in the bottle and reduces the chances of the cork falling in giving you a chance to have a second or even third, fourth and fifth bite at getting it out! There’s a video showing how in my post “Stop the Wine-ocide” Kaani 2012 – My Deep Dark Secret + a Wine Tip.

Part 3. The reveal! It’s a 31 year old … thanks Dad. 1982 Orlando Coonawarra Late Picked Botrytised Rhine Riesling 😉 It’s looking sharp. Great acid balancing the unctuous sweet goodness. Worth completing the ultimate

The Sommelier is Dead, Long Live Rob Higgs!! A Fantasmagorical Creation

31 May

Fanastic Rob Higgs Corkscrew

Creativity & passion, like an alien, has inseminated Rob Higgs‘ brain! He has given birth to a fantasmagorical creation. It is the replacement for the Sommelier!

Rob Higgs Corkscrew

Bronze corkscrew, original is made from any old iron I found, 3/4 tonne, 382 moving parts, hand cranked with clockwork pouring mechanism. 3 years head scratching hard work.finished 2006. Limited edition here created in bronze by One of One Hundred.

I want people to interact with and get the maximum enjoyment from it and you can only get the maximum enjoyment if you’ve put effort in and you’ve had a physical connection with it

Wow! I’m guessing as a kid, Rob Higgs, loved lego! Stephen Fry’s Gadget Man review is the second of the videos below. If you want the complete story check out One of One. For more inventions from the will Wonka of mechanics take a gander at his Vimeo profile … and alright … the Sommelier isn’t really dead .. yet.

I dare you click play and be a kid in a candy shop for a moment!

Rob Higgs The Corkscrew. from rob higgs on Vimeo.

Opening a Bottle of Wine Tip 1: “Use a Power Drill, It’s Just Easier”

26 Apr

Drill Bottle Opener

A great mate of mine, Adrian, also a past winemaker, visited a couple of months back. As is the norm when a couple of ex-winemakers get together, the Filthy Good Vino comes out of the cellar.

On this occasion we failed to deliver on one of the basics … we could not get the first bottle, let alone the sixth open. It’s not like we were not qualified with 30 years of winemaking between us and we certainly were not drunk … yet.  We tried every corkscrew I possess. Somehow we managed to break a waiters friend, we even tried two at once!

So, if all else fails, I say, get industrial and pull out your Power Drill. That did the trick, although we did have to strain the wine through a fine sieve afterwards 😉 Ironically the wine was knackered anyway.

Top Tips for opening a bottle of vino with a Power Drill:

  1. Don’t! But, if you choose to at your own risk, then …
  2. Drill a guide hole with a small drill bit first.
  3. Use as a big a drill bit as you dare, make sure you’re not going to hit the glass.
  4. Drill in as far as you dare without going all the way through, then suck out the cork dust with a vacuum or wash it out with water. Reduces the amount of cork sawdust in the vino.
  5. Decant the wine through a tea strainer to get as many of the gritty bits out as you can.

How to Open a Bottle of Wine with a Power Drill 1

How to Open a Bottle of Wine with a Power Drill 2

How to Open a Bottle of Wine with a Power Drill 3

How to Open a Bottle of Wine with a Power Drill 4