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Could “Sniffer” – Google Glasses for the Nose signal the end of the Winemaker?

19 Sep

Sniffer - Visualising Wine Tasting on Filthy Good Vino by Paul Kaan

The human nose may be just about be redundant and along with it the need for Winemakers! If Lloyd Alberts design for Sniffer makes it to mass production we’ll all be able to augment smell with sight and integrate the power of Google to make wine!

Sniffer being used to Visualising Wine Tasting

Sniffer - Visualising Wine Tasting on Filthy Good Vino by Paul Kaan

Sniffer Prototype – Modeled in an unobtrusive Blue!

Sniffer Modeled in Blue

Concept for Sniffer, in which you can see smell. “Enter a dimension of scents”. Based on the Google glass. By: Lloyd Alberts | Industrial Design

Your Friday laugh brought to you one day early thanks to Sniffer.

The Sommelier is Dead, Long Live Rob Higgs!! A Fantasmagorical Creation

31 May

Fanastic Rob Higgs Corkscrew

Creativity & passion, like an alien, has inseminated Rob Higgs‘ brain! He has given birth to a fantasmagorical creation. It is the replacement for the Sommelier!

Rob Higgs Corkscrew

Bronze corkscrew, original is made from any old iron I found, 3/4 tonne, 382 moving parts, hand cranked with clockwork pouring mechanism. 3 years head scratching hard work.finished 2006. Limited edition here created in bronze by One of One Hundred.

I want people to interact with and get the maximum enjoyment from it and you can only get the maximum enjoyment if you’ve put effort in and you’ve had a physical connection with it

Wow! I’m guessing as a kid, Rob Higgs, loved lego! Stephen Fry’s Gadget Man review is the second of the videos below. If you want the complete story check out One of One. For more inventions from the will Wonka of mechanics take a gander at his Vimeo profile … and alright … the Sommelier isn’t really dead .. yet.

I dare you click play and be a kid in a candy shop for a moment!

Rob Higgs The Corkscrew. from rob higgs on Vimeo.