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The Filthy Good Vino Blog –  is a place where I share thoughts and experiences around “Great Food, Filthy Good Vino & The People I Share them with.”

There’s a lot about Growing, Sourcing, Making & Consuming Delicious Food and Filthy Good Vino … as well as a bit of indulgence on Family & Friends.

Occasionally I post under the Category: Random Fun Stuff on other subjects that inspire, confuse, have intrigued a curious mind or, simply, made me laugh.

I spent 13 years having fun, working with some of the Gurus of the Wine World Making Wine for a living. Now, I mostly drink the Filthy Good Vino.  What gets me off are wines that say drink me.  Genuine, individual wines, that are authentic and represent the time (vintage), place (vineyard) from where they were made and NOT heavy handed intervention from winemakers.  Wines that are harmonious, beautifully textured (feel great when you slosh them around your gob) and have flavours that linger.

Best of all is sharing a table, plate and glass of Filthy Good Vino in the company of good friends or … scaly mates.

At the end of the day, IT’S JUST A LUBRICANT!  It’s on the table to wash down food and lubricate the conversation.  There’s nothing worse than pontificating about wine or wine wankery.  The worst thing a wine can be is BORING!

Me & Filthy Good Vino (FGV):  How My Wine Journey Started,  My Wine Philosophy.  How I Rate Wine.

A Great Night on the Vino

The Winemaking Years

You haven't lived until you've swum through a vat of vino! BUCKET LIST!

“You haven’t lived until you’ve swum through a vat of vino! BUCKET LIST!”

I also post on The Social Larder’s Blog on Social Business, Social Media, Friday Funny’s & Thought Leadership on the Post Digital World.

The Social Larder develops and supports the implementation of Social Business & Social Media Strategy for Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Small and Large Business.

The Social Larder Bans the BS from Social Media, rewinds it, reverses it and focuses on Social Business.  Putting Strategy – Why? before Tools – How? Taking a systems approach to integrate BEING Social through every part of the business not just the Marketing and PR department.

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